Santa Clara University Masters in Finance and Analytics Career Information

The Santa Clara University Masters in Finance and Analytics program was kind enough to provide me with some career information for this program as well as its predecessor program. I definitely appreciate it and I know all of you who are considering the program will like seeing this info. More to come as the degree matures and more students graduate. in the meantime, the below information is definitely comforting and shows very well.

Santa Clara University Masters in Finance and Analytics Career Information

  • 75% Employed (6 Months after graduation)
  • 82% believed the program helped achieve their career goals
Sample of hiring firms and titles:
  • KPMG, Tax Associate
  • Kaiser Permanente, Senior Director Corporate Risk Finance
  • Gusto, Finance Systems Analyst
  • Druva, Sr. Financial Analyst
  • Atlassian, Project Manager
  • Copernicus, Financial Data Analyst
  • Applied Materials, FP&A
  • NEC Corporation of America, Financial Analyst
  • Valuation Research Associates, Valuation Analyst

The program offers students a number of career resources and aid during the class year as well, including one-on-one career coaching, resume review, Linkedin optimization and a number of alumni engagement options.

Student Testimonials

I am working on getting a couple student reviews in the template that all of you know and have seen in the past. While I am working on that I have included a number of testimonials from recent graduates.

“SCU was a great place to begin expanding my social circle in a new country. The diversity of the students and faculty made it easy to feel belonged. Within a short time, I made great friends and found mentors who have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. 

The MSF program boasts exceptional Professors. Most have professional experience in reputed institutions across the Bay Area. The program also has a wide range of elective courses giving students a chance to customize their coursework based on their individual interests. “

“The MS Finance program taught me many things, most important to me in my career so far has been to think critically and ensure I have a line of reasoning for my thinking. In the corporate finance world there is seldom only one right answer and this program taught me to be critical of my assumptions and always have backup for my work. This mindset has helped me tremendously early in my career especially when presenting my work to executives and I believe will serve me well for my future.”

Online Option

I wanted to make sure all of you know that the Santa Clara MSFA program also has an online option. Super convenient for anyone not living nearby or needing the flexibility that an online education provides. Check it out here

Here is a link to the Santa Clara University Masters in Finance and Analytics


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