Southern Methodist University MSF Placement Information


I’ve been getting a lot of emails regarding the Southern Methodist University MSF program recently. I’ve know about the program for years, but I was pretty quiet from what I could tell. Well this must have changed as the program is becoming a lot more active and doing a great job when it comes to placing their students. Someone emailed me recently with their placement information and I was very impressed with the quality of the firms students have been getting jobs at.

  • USA Yes- Goldman Sachs IB Analyst
  • USA Yes- UBS Energy IB Analyst
  • USA Yes- VMG Health Analyst
  • USA Yes- WF Financial Analyst Program
  • USA Yes- Founding Partner
  • USA Yes- American Airlines Revenue Management Analyst
  • USA Yes- Frost Bank Credit Analyst
  • USA Yes- Strait Capital Analyst
  • USA Yes- Stephens Equity Research Analyst
  • USA Yes- Capitalize Consulting Business Consultant\
  • USA Yes- Crestline Management Analyst
  • USA Yes- Ferguson Camp Poll Forensic Litigation Analyst
  • CAN Yes- EquityMetrix Business Analyst
  • CHN Yes- Buffet Senior Healthcare Corporate Office Intern
  • CHN Yes- American Airlines Revenue Management Analyst
  • CHN Yes- American Airlines Revenue Management Analyst
  • CHN Yes- Vendera Resources Acquisition Analyst
  • CHN Yes- Nationstar Mortgage Analyst Intern
  • IND Yes- Deloitte Senior Associate

Looking at these stats says a lot of things to me, all positive.

  1. Diversity – The program looks pretty diverse with a majority of the students being domestics. This is good because of the difficulty international students have with finding sponsorship. Too many international students means not enough jobs to go around. Also, American Airlines seems to be very open to sponsoring students which is great since it is in SMU’s backyards.
  2. Investment Banking Placements – Many MSF students are looking to break into investment banking. It is a good sign when a program has historic banking placements and is something that not every MSF program can do. Goldman, UBS and Stephens are all great firms to be working for.
  3. Range – Not everyone wants IB and it is good when a program has something for everyone. SMU has this. You have Goldman and UBS for banking, you have American Airlines and VMG for F500. Deloitte for accounting and a variety of banks for credit analyst. Placements cover all the bases which is a good sign for those who might not be totally set on what type of career they want to go into.

I am going to reach out to the school and try and get some more information on these placements. I am going to imagine they are Texas centered, which is perfectly fine and sets SMU up nicely to compete with UT Austin and Tulane. Southern Methodist should be on everyones list if they are looking at MSF programs, especially if Texas is your desired career goal. I’ll work to get more information on the program for all of you. Hopefully this helps in the mean time.

Here is a link to the Southern Methodist University MSF Program


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