St. Petersburg University Master in Finance

The St. Petersburg University Master in Finance program now accepting applications for their 2012 class. The program is in partnership with Citi, being one of the first MSF programs to have a prominent bank as their sponsor. This should be incredibly beneficial in regards to placements, as well as course materials.

This is a two year masters program with a thesis at the end. A little different than most programs, but the thesis as well as some of the other research elements in this program should suit students looking to possibly go into a PhD program or a research role. There is also a foreign language component to the program.

Here is a synopsis of how St. Petersburg will incorporate Citi into the program:

The program is being carried out in partnership with Citi, one of the top financial world leaders. The participation is performed through:

  • providing practical trainings and guest lectures delivered by Citi¬†experts
  • offering interships for students within Citi
  • recruitment of the best GSOM SPbU students
  • GSOM SPbU involvement in the initiatives directed towards the development of International Financial Center in Russia
  • assistance with attracting Citi¬†and world economy top experts to participating in guest lectures and other special events

You can read more about Citi’s involvement here.

Here is a link to the St. Petersburg University Master in Finance program


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