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I last posted on the SUNY Buffalo Master in Finance program nearly two years ago. Well a lot has changed since then and I felt that it was time to update the post with some additional information. I also just recently spoke to the woman who does admissions and she had some great things to say that I wanted to share with all of you.

When I last posted on the Buffalo MSF program I mentioned that it was undergoing a complete overhaul. Well the changes have been put in place and I think they are pretty positive. Right now the master in finance program consists of 36 credit hours spread out over 3 semesters. You can choose either a financial management track or a more quantitative program of study.

For those students looking for an internship or something tangible to add to your resume, the Summer Finance Institute is an option. This is offered in June and  allows students to work in teams on a real world program for a host of local companies. Some of these firms include HSBC, Citi, TD Bank, MasterCard, and many others.

The program is making an effort to partner with firms in an effort to help place students and with internships. Many students look for work in NYC as well as in their home country upon graduation. As someone who knows the city of Buffalo well, I can say there is actually a lot of banks and other firms in that city. You are also near Toronto as well as Pittsburgh.

Another nice thing about the Buffalo program is the fact that it offer in state tuition. If you are a New York State resident the program costs roughly $12,000 in tuition. A great value for those students looking to get a great education without going seriously in debt for it.

Here are a few placement data points also:

  • Citi – Quantitative Analyst
  • JP Morgan Chase – Market Risk Analyst
  • Corning Inc – Financial Analyst
  • IBM – Financial Analyst

I realize this isn’t a lot to go on, but a small sample is better than nothing.

Here is a link to the SUNY Buffalo Master in Finance Program


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