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University of Cincinnati Masters in Applied Economics Program

The University of Cincinnati started a Masters in Finance a year or so ago and it looks like they've added another great masters to...

Columbia Masters in Financial Economics *Update*

  Columbia University ┬ájust rolled out their 2 year Masters in Financial Economics program and a helpful reader sent me an update on the program....

West Texas A&M University Master in Finance

The West Texas A&M Masters in Finance and Economics is a unique MSF program and one of the newest ones I have found. Here...

Oxford MFE Open Day – May 12th, 2011

Oxford's Masters in Financial Economics is having an open day this coming Saturday for anyone in the UK. For those of us on the...

Barcelona GSE Master in Finance Interview

I was lucky enough to speak with someone from admissions at the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics about their master in finance program. I...

Stockholm School of Economics Master in Finance

The Stockholm School of Economics Master in Finance is one of the top programs in Europe. It is two year long program with the...

Columbia MS Financial Economics Info

The Columbia University Master in Financial Economics is a brand new program that is for those looking for an almost PhD level education. It...

UC Santa Cruz Masters in Economics and Finance

  The University of Santa Cruz Masters in Economics and Finance is a two year long program that is set up to be almost an...