West Texas A&M University Master in Finance

The West Texas A&M Masters in Finance and Economics is a unique MSF program and one of the newest ones I have found. Here is a description of who the program would best suit and the overall goals:

“The MSFE is designed for students who want to improve their understanding of economics and finance, particularly those interested in or already working in: (1) Finance institutions and finance departments in business and government; (2) Policy-oriented and community service occupations in the private and public sectors; (3) Economic and financial consulting and advising; (4) Teaching at the high school, community college, or instructor level; (5) Preparation for law school or doctorate programs in economics or finance. The program’s orientation toward application as opposed to theory enhances opportunities for graduates in a broad range of occupations and institutions. “

 Here is a link to the West Texas A&M Master in Finance program


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