Texas A&M Master in Finance

Texas A&M Mays

The Texas A&M Master in Finance program is unique in the fact that it is only an undergrad to grad school track. You have to be part of the trading, risk and investments program which is a selective program at the Mays Business School.

“The Trading, Risk and Investments Program (TRIP) provides students the opportunity to complete both an undergraduate degree and MS in Finance in five years.  Students apply for acceptance into TRIP the fall semester of their sophomore year or when they have earned between 40–75 credit hours.  Admission in TRIP is competitive, and acceptance into TRIP as an undergraduate does not guarantee admission into the MS Finance program.”

After 2 years you graduate and get a Bachelors and Masters at once. I think you basically apply when you are a junior and take masters classes in your senior year.


Here is a link to the Texas A&M Master in Finance program


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