UCLA Anderson Master of Science in Business Analytics

The UCLA Anderson Master of Science in Business Analytics program is a top ranked option for anyone interested in an analytically focused business masters degree. This degree has been growing incredibly fast, which makes sense when you consider how much data is involved in most every job now at all the top companies and UCLA has created one of the best MSBA’s available. Below is an overview of the program and I will work to keep updating everyone as new information becomes available.


This is a 15 month long program, beginning in September and ending in December, the following year. The program is full time and you cannot accelerate your studies. Students will earn 48 units through coursework and the hands-on Capstone Analytics Project. The summer has a 4 unit internship as well.

The first semester (Fall #1) has classes such as Statistical Foundations for Analytics (R), MSBA Career Curriculum (Co-curricular), as well as a number of shorter, 5 week classes in Python, Optimization (Python), SQL & Basic Data Management, and Machine Learning for Decision Making (Python).

The next semester focuses on Business Fundamentals for Analytics, Data Management and other subjects. The spring semester is all about analytics, with classes on customer , competitive and operations. There is a Summer Internship (8-10 weeks in length) and then the final semester includes Capstone Analytics Project as well as a number of electives.

Also, this is a STEM designated program as I am sure many of you will want to know.


This is an analytics focused masters so students applying should be comfortable with Linear Algebra, Multivariable Calculus, Statistics and Probability, R, SQL and Python. UCLA is nice enough to provide a number of resources in case you have some gaps when it comes to these suggested subjects.

Class Profile

UCLA provides a lot of data, which is very helpful, on their admitted class. Below is the 2020 class profile. You can go to their website and see the 2019 and 2018 profile as well if interested.

  • Total Class Size – 56 students¬† (59% Male / 41% Female)
  • International – 73%
  • UG GPA Average – 3.5
  • Average GMAT – 710
  • Average GRE Q Score – 167
  • Average Work Experience – 2.5 years

These stats are in line with the previous class profiles with slight variances (little more international, slightly lower average GMAT).


Pretty standard. Application, Resume, Transcripts, GMAT/GRE, Two letters of recommendations, essays, international students need TOEFL, etc. Work experience is nice, but not required so don’t let that dissuade you. Interviews are invitation so if you get called for one I would consider that a good sign.

The first two application deadlines have passed, but the next one is as follows:

  • Round 3 Deadline – May 14th –¬† Tentative decision release date July 2, 2021

Tuition for the UCLA Anderson Master of Science in Business Analytics is anticipated to be $66,709 (plus room, board, books, etc.). This is for the class of 2022. Merit scholarships are available as well.

Career Impact

UCLA provides some impressive data on the impact this program has for its students. 100% of the graduating class has been placed within 8 months of graduating (2019 class) and 4 months for the 2018 class. Amazing.

The average full time salary for the most recent graduating class is $102,600. Roughly 55% of the class reported a signing bonus as well, with the average being $18,050. Pretty lucrative compensation. The list of hiring companies (full time and for internships) is equally as impressive.

This is a relatively new program, but already it is showing incredible results. If you have an interest in analytics and looking for a phenomenal program, you should absolutely check this one out. I’ll try and get more information in the meantime. Until then, hope this was useful.


Here is a link to the UCLA Anderson Master of Science in Business Analytics Program


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