University of Memphis MS in Business Administration

The University of Memphis MS in Business Administration is a new specialized masters program that I found and wanted to include on the website. The degree has a concentration in finance making this effectively their version of a MSF. Tennessee has been one of the hottest states for job growth and another program offering a specialized masters is always a benefit. I just found this one so I will try and update this with additional information as it becomes available. Check out the program highlights below.


The program is part time, at night, totally 33 credit hours. The site says the degree can be completed within 2 years. I would imagine that two years would be a rather measured pace and students who have more time can finish this degree much sooner. Here is a description of the course load from the website:

“The MSBA program in Finance consists of 6 hours from the Business Administration core, 12 hours from the FIR (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) core, and 15 hours of elective courses. Under normal circumstances, a student would take 21-27 of the 33 hours from the FIR (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) area.”

This is nice as students can use the electives to effectively create a concentration in whatever industry they’d like to work in post graduation. The program has a number of practical real estate electives so that might be a focus that makes a lot of sense for students.


The application process pretty straight forward. Application fee ($35 for domestic students and $60 for international students), GRE or GMAT, transcripts and recommendations. The University of Memphis also has a path for undergraduate students who want an accelerated undergrad to masters path.


Couple of things.

  1. Internships can count for up to 3 credit hours. There is a criteria, but this is great as it rewards students for getting real world experience while obtaining their graduate degree.
  2. All students are required to take a comprehensive exam (either written or oral) during their last semester.
  3. Courses taken as part of the MS in Business Administration Program can also be counted toward the Professional Real Estate Certificate, Financial Analyst Certificate or the Financial Planning Certificate.

I will try and get more information on this program as the website is one page long at this point. The program looks like it offerers a lot of nice and unique features and I hope to learn more about it over time. Always nice to see another option for students. Stay tuned.


Here is a link to the University of Memphis MS in Business Administration 


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