University of Miami Masters in Finance Update – February 2019

The University of Miami Masters in Finance program has been around for a while now and I realized that the last time I updated all of you on this program was well over a year. Far too long, especially considering how often things change with these programs. My goal for 2019 is to update programs more frequently and this is an effort to stay on track with that promise.


STEM Certified

The UMiami MSF is now STEM certified, putting itself in the majority of programs who realize the importance of being STEM certified for any international students considering applying. When the program first came out I do not believe they were certified so this is a great update and shows that the school is paying attention to the needs of their students.



I believe when I last posted the school didn’t mention what was required of those applying. Not a huge deal as most applications require the same type of materials. Well in checking out the webpage for the program, it seems as if they’ve updated this and are now listing what students need. As you would imagine, it is pretty much what all other programs require.

Students applying to the Miami MSF need to provide letters of recommendation, a resume, transcripts, GMAT or GRE scores, and TOEFL (for international students). Selected applicants could be interviewed by admissions (in person or online).



The program has two specializations that students can pick from over their 10-months of study at the university. You can choose either Investment and Portfolio Management or Corporate Finance. Each of these has a specific classes for anyone looking to focus their educational experience.


Information Sessions

The schools has a number of information sessions coming up across the country. These are not MSF specific, but someone from the school will be able to discuss the program as well as all the other graduate business programs that university offers. You can find the full list here. The university has a big event in New York City in about a month that I think many of you will find interesting. To sign up, click the link above, but the general information of the event is included here:

    03/14, 2:00 PM ET – 4:00 PM ET
    New York Hilton Midtown

Thats all I have for now, but keep checking back as I plan on reaching out to the school to see if I can get additional information that might be useful. I’d love to see a class profile or a student interview as well. Until then, I hope this helped.


Here is a link to the University of Miami Masters in Finance Program


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