University of Missouri Online Masters in Finance

The University of Missouri is rolling out a new online Masters in Finance program, making this the second new online program I have come across this year. Very good news for working professionals or others who aren’t looking to take a year or more off to attend school full time, or those who don’t have the option or ability to attend class at night. These online programs have been increasing over the years, partly as a function of professionals deciding to continue working and advancing their education at the same time.

The program requires 30 credit hours and typically takes a working professional two years and a summer to complete. A nice aspect of the program, and something unique to the Missouri offering, is a one week international experience practicum. Pretty cool to take this trip and meet your fellow students. See below for the official description of this integral part of the program.

“The program has a 2-course component specifically focusing on international finance, and the study-abroad experience is part of that component. These two courses, currently offered each summer, are

  • FINANC 8010 Multicultural and Global Finance Study Abroad
  • FINANC 8012 International Financial Markets

Both of these courses coordinate to enhance the study abroad experience. The experience involves travel for one week during the summer session to a selected international location and features activities such as

  • visits to business and government organizations
  • classes taught by professors from a host-country university
  • cultural experiences in the host country

The MS Finance program covers travel and lodging expenses for all MS Finance students (with some limitations).”

The cost of the program is roughly $36,000, but this will depend on your transfer course load and how long it takes you to complete the program. This is pretty affordable when you consider the week long international trip included in the tuition.

Admission requirements are pretty straightforward. Applicants need a bachelors degree and a 3.0 from an accredited university. The GMAT or GRE is not required (but would probably help you if you have a borderline GPA). Below are the application deadlines and when you would start.

To start classes in Apply by Classes begin
Fall July 15 August
Spring Dec. 15 January
Summer April 1 June

More to come on this program as it develops. Hope this helps anyone looking for an online MSF option.


Here is a link to the University of Missouri Online Masters in Finance Program


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