University of Nebraska Masters in Finance Program

Nebraska Masters in Finance

The University of Nebraska Masters in Finance program is a new MSF that I came across just the other day. This is exciting news as the degree continues to expand and Nebraska is a well known school. The program is online only right now – something we need more of as a few schools who offered the MSF online have now gone to in person only. I will stay close to this program and who knows, maybe in the future this will include an on campus option as well.


This is a 30-credit hour program, all online, taking roughly a year to complete. The Nebraska MSF is part of the CFA Institute University Affiliation Program which means more than 70% of the CFA Body of Knowledge is incorporated into the coursework. Classes are in 8-week section, optimized for mobile learning. The curriculum looks pretty balanced and I would consider this to be a generalized MSF for anyone looking for a specialized graduate degree.


Pretty standard process. Resume, 3 references, personal statement, transcripts, etc. Nebraska recommends a minimum of a 3.0 undergraduate GPA. GMAT/GRE is required, but there are a number of exceptions. If you have 5 or more years in a decision making capacity or hold an advanced professional degree (PhD, JD, MD, etc), you can get a waiver. For those who do not meet this qualification, they recommend a minimum of a 600 on the GMAT. Very obtainable.

Applications deadlines are July 1st. Admitted students will being classes the following fall.

Tuition is a flat $675 per credit hour (total $20,250 – as of Nov 1, 2023). They mention this is for anyone, regardless of where they are. Very affordable cost for a graduate degree.


This is an online program so this will be ideal for individuals already in their career, looking to enhance their education, brand and growth prospects. That doesn’t mean that Nebraska doesn’t offer MSF students with a number of professional tools to help in this process. Students have access to a professional career coach as well as the Nebraska network. Alumni work everywhere, but anyone based in Chicago or elsewhere in the midwest will find a deep and robust group of graduates.

As the program evolves I am sure there will be more information on placements and where MSF graduates work. I will make sure to update everyone as I see this information posted.

Very happy to see both a new MSF as well as a new online option available for prospective students. I run into a lot of Nebraska alumni in Chicago and have no doubt that this program will evolve into a great and affordable option for anyone looking for the flexibility that a remote graduate program provides.


Here is a link to the University of Nebraska Masters in Finance Program


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