University of Oregon Masters in Finance Program

University of Oregon MSF

The University of Oregon Masters in Finance program is brand new and an exiting addition to the MSF universe. What is even better is this is a well respected program on the West Coast, an area of the country that doesn’t have a lot of MSF coverage (especially with Claremont effectively closing down).

The new program is CFA Institute recognized and the curriculum reflects it. It is also STEM Certified, a big seller for international students as it allows for additional time on the OPT. The Oregon program is 12 months long (45 credit hours), making it one of the longer programs in the US. There are 6 core classes with the remaining electives up to the student to chose. This should allow for specialization depending on an individuals particular interests and career goals.

Students will also have the opportunity to manage real money in the University of Oregon’s Investment Group. There is also an Emerging Markets portfolio that only graduate students manage. Both of these opportunities will allow students to get some hands on experience while also learning the theory of finance.

The school has a sample class profile to help students assess their odds of getting in. Below are suggested scores:

  • GMAT – 620
  • GRE – 310
  • GPA – 3.2

Application Deadlines:

  • First Round – December 15th
  • Second Round – February 15th
  • Third Round – April 15th

Rolling application accepted after April 15th will be on a as need basis depending on class size.

I will reach out to Oregon and see if I can learn more about this inaugural year. This is pretty exciting as I was literally just talking to someone a couple weeks ago and wishing Oregon had a program. The University is well respected and known and students will have a wonderful college experience as well. This program will do well with West Coast placements and I am sure will be of interest to anyone looking at a school that will place well in California.

Here is a link to the University of Oregon Masters in Finance Program 


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