University of South Florida Masters in Finance Student Review

The University of South Florida Masters in Finance program is one of the many programs located in Florida. If you are interested in working in the sunshine state check out this student review. Hope it helps.


The Master in Finance program at USF is very quantitative with a heavy focus in Economics and Math. The program has professors that have both asset management and analyst backgrounds and can provide more in depth analysis of how the concepts learned in class actually apply to real world scenarios (a majority of whom are CFA charter-holders). A majority of the classes are commingled with students from both the MBA and MA Econ program which happens to be one of the schools highlights.

The only thing holding this program back is the department Chair. He tends to be a pure Academic and does not want to join in the Recruitment Politics that most schools play to place their graduates. This does tend to hurt the graduates as it is a “free for all” when looking for positions and a majority of graduates who are placed did so from Alumni outreach or other networking avenues. Until the Department chair is replaced or decides to start pushing his program more aggressively, the graduates will continue to have average placement rates.

The school also offers a significant amount of scholarships and at least a handful of students in every class are on a “free-ride” for their graduate education. This is something that is rare for most Graduate schools in Florida and helps attract better talent to the program.



Here is a link to the University of South Florida Masters in Finance program


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