University of Southern California MSF Program Update – March 2022

It has been a while since I last did a general update on the University of Southern California MSF Program. The school was amazingly helpful in sending over a number of students who happily reviewed the program (see my last 4 posts on the USC MSF). With the application cycle open for the Fall 2022 admissions I thought it made sense to update all of you with a new post. This is one of the top programs in the US so anyone considering a masters in finance should definitely have this on the top of their list.


Right now USC is on a rolling application deadline for space available seats. The University notes that preference will be given to students who apply by the round 1 and 2 deadlines, but the last formal deadline for applicants was February 22 so not a lot of time has passed.

Please note that no international student applications will be accepted after April 15, 2022, due to immigration timelines.

Class Profile

USC does a nice job of giving two years worth of class profiles. I find this helpful to see how things have evolved over the years. I am reaching out to the school right now to see if they have the 2021 class profile to share. If so, I will update this post and include 3 years of data. I would venture to guess that the profile will remain strong with a high GMAT and GPA.

Class of 2020Class of 2019
Average GMAT714706
Average GRE320324
Average GPA3.533.46
Number of Colleges Represented4144
Percent International Students74%64%
Male / Female %58% / 42%53% / 47%
Average Months Work Experience1514.4


The USC MSF program has a number of student testimonial videos that I found very interesting and informative. Great in conjunction with the student reviews I have on the site. Always love hearing from students themselves their thoughts on the program.

Here is a link so you can view them all. Some quotes that I particularly liked are:

“I think the MSF program benefited me in two major ways. The first, is in terms of the curriculum and how it provides me the toolkit allowing me to tackle my day-to-day work. The second, which I think is more amazing, is by really integrating me in to the great Marshall and Trojan network.”

“What made me choose USC Marshall was essentially the Trojan Network, the opportunity to learn from industry experts and the prestige associated with the Marshall School of Business and USC.”

“My classmates in the program are from a lot of different countries, a lot of different majors, and a lot of different universities and I really like that diversity.”

Network, diversity, tools to succeed professionally. All the hallmarks of what you would want from a specialized masters degree. The trojan network is incredibly deep the network you receive from these programs is one of the main selling points. Glad to see graduates students echoing this.

That’s the update for now. As I mentioned, this program is top notch. I will see if I can get some other updates. The new placement report should be done relatively soon as well.


Here is a link to the University of Southern California MSF Program



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