University of Southern California MSF Student Review #1

The University of Southern California MSF program has been kind enough to help me with a number of student perspectives and reviews which I know all of you have been asking me for. I have around 4 of them that I will be posting over the course of the couple of weeks. These reviews are all from recent graduates and showcase a variety of experiences in the program. I cannot appreciate the help enough and it is wonderful when a program helps to provide these reviews.

Why did you decide to pursue a Masters in Finance degree? Why USC specifically?

I decided to pursue an MSF degree because I wanted to transition from engineering to finance. Given USC’s strong reputation and elite alumni network, continuing my education there was an easy choice. The Progressive Degree Program (PDP) also allowed me to complete my undergraduate and graduate degrees in just 4.5 years.

The Trojan alumni network is stronger than any university I know. The alumni I reached out to for guidance always found the time to speak with me and offered excellent advice.

Who would you recommend the University of Southern California MSF program to?

I would recommend the MSF program to those with a finance background who have struggled to break into their dream industry. I’d also highly recommend this program to those looking to transition into finance. I had no finance background entering the program, and I had more to gain because of it.

Anything else that you would like to talk about?

My favorite classes were Valuations and the Investment Banking elective. Valuation is perhaps the most foundational subject in finance, and the investment banking course put me a step ahead of my peers during my summer internship. The professors in both classes were some of my favorites at USC.

Though you should work hard and take full advantage of the resources that USC and the MSF program have to offer, you should also make sure that you have fun doing it! LA is a fun city to explore, and you will have plenty of opportunities to meet new people.

I’d like to thank Nathan from the 2020 class for writing up this review. Very helpful and it is always great to hear about a program from a recent graduate. And thank you to the USC MSF program for helping to facilitate this. Incredibly beneficial for all of the readers and shows how great of a program the USC MSF really is!

More to come over the next 3-4 weeks. Keep checking back!

Here is a link to the University of Southern California MSF Program


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