University of Utah Master in Finance *Update*

Looks like the University of Utah Master in Finance program is picking up. They have refreshed their webpage and class statistics are now posted. Utah has a lot more finance than I think people typically give it credit. Goldman Sachs has a large operation out there. Might not be NYC front office like many people want, but it is a great way to start a career with a globally recognized name.

2010 Class Profile

  • Class size: 36
  • Average GMAT score: 612
  • Average age: 26
  • Average work experience: 14 months
  • International students: 45%
  • Undergraduate finance degree: 40%
  • Undergraduate sociology degree: 5%
  • Undergraduate information science degree: 5%
  • Undergraduate economics degree: 25%
  • Undergraduate engineering degree: 5%
  • Undergraduate other degree: 20%


The venture fund looks great also. One of the first I have seen which will make for some good interview conversation.


Here is a link to the University of Utah Master in Finance program


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