University of Wisconsin MSF Program – October 2023

The University of Wisconsin MSF program is currently only open to Wisconsin undergraduates and has had some changes since I last wrote about it. Originally, it looked to be a 2 year degree in applied finance. It is now a more traditional 1 year MSF for anyone looking to add a graduate degree to their resume before entering the professional world. Something to consider if you are looking at schools with a 4+1 program option.


The degree is formally called the MS in Finance, Investment and Banking. This should give you an idea of what this program is designed for. It is open to all Wisconsin undergraduates with the first year starting during your senior year and finishing with one additional year making this a 4+1 program. Requiring 27 credit hours, students can customize their experience with a variety of electives. You also have the ability to co-manage a $25MM portfolio providing real world experience. This MSF stresses quantitative skills and applied security analysis, combined with industry speakers and experience.


Since this degree is only open to current students, the process is slightly different and more abbreviated that other programs. Applications are due in late January of your junior year. No GMAT/GRE required. Students should obviously have a strong academic record and GPA. They will be looking at professor feedback, grades, extra curricular activities, internships, etc.

Tuition is split between Wisconsin residents and out of state individuals.

  • Resident – $27,015
  • Non-Resident – $50,663

There are a variety of options for financial support to help bring the cost of attendance down as well.


The website has some good placement data, with the class of 2022 having 100% placements within 6 months of graduation. Median salary was $95,600 with a range of $75,000 – $120,000. Great results and a nice increase from the 2021 results.

I couldn’t find a list of employers, but Wisconsin does incredibly well with placements in Chicago and New York. I would expect graduates to find opportunities at a variety of Wall Street banks.

The Wisconsin MSF is a great program and should be one you consider if you are either a current undergraduate or finishing high school and trying to decide where to go. These 4+1 programs do incredibly well with placements as the university has had time to get to know you and you also come into the masters knowing the alumni, the systems and on campus recruiting. Check this out and I will make sure to keep all of you updated on any changes I find with this wonderful MSF.


Here is a link to the University of Wisconsin MSF Program


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