Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance – Tips for Exploring MSF Programs

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Vanderbilt University has been continually helpful when it comes to providing information for students researching the masters in finance degree, interviewing and applying to an MSF program as well as anyone trying to land a career post-graduating from their masters program. The program has done an incredible amount to help the broader masters in finance community and they just posted another helpful article on their university webpage continuing this theme.

This most recent article from Vanderbilt University is written by Maura Clark Director of Admissions for the Vanderbilt Business Master of Science in Finance program. Maura is a wonderful person and one of the great assets of the program. I also had the pleasure of meeting her in person years ago when I visited the campus.

Maura provides a handful of key suggestions to students who are in the process of trying to make the decision of which MSF program to apply to. Her first suggestion is to visit the campus (if possible), which is great advice. I’ve been to a number on campuses and the feel of the program, as well as the surrounding city, can really tell you a lot. Other suggestions she has include interviewing remotely if possible, reaching out to current and past students, researching the program on other websites and personally reaching out to Maura directly.

The advice Maura provides is identical to how I picked my masters in finance program and something I tell students when they ask me what they should do. Maura’s openness to talking with students who are interested in the Vanderbilt program is huge and reflects how serious the program is about helping their students, before, during and after they finish the program.

This is just a summary so please check out below for the full article:

Vanderbilt University – 5 Tips for Exploring Master of Science in Finance Programs

And for all of you considering applying to the Vanderbilt University MSF program, there are two more application deadlines coming up.

  • Round 3 – February 28th, 2019
  • Round 4 – May 9th, 2019


Good luck to everyone in their MSF journey. I know this article from Vanderbilt will help some of you and for everyone else, keep checking back for more updates!


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance Program


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