Vanderbilt University MSF 3 Part Video Series – Part 1

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The Vanderbilt University MSF is always putting out great resources and information for prospective students. Over the years I have found the program to be one of the best when it comes to informing students on how to prepare for the degree, what to expect when they get there and other important aspects of this degree. With that said, Vanderbilt has just released a 3 part video series for anyone considering an MSF degree.

These videos are full of helpful information about the admissions process, career paths and things to consider when choosing a program. The answers given in each video are not specific to Vanderbilt so students considering other program will find them helpful as well. I think this is incredibly generous on Vanderbilt’s part and shows how much of a class act the program is. I’ll be releasing each video on my site, one a week, for all of you to view. I’ve watched them already and think they are great and how all of you find them helpful in your process.

MS Finance Admissions Advice (Maura Clark)

This video features answers to commonly asked questions about the admissions process (what to look for in a program, when to apply, how to prepare for the GMAT, etc.).

Video 1


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance Program


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