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Vanderbilt University does a great job continually posting informative and helpful content on their various graduate programs. One that I have found very interesting is the “How I Got the Job” series. Specifically as it relates to the MSF program, they feature recent graduates and discuss with them how they landed their position from the MSF program and advice they would give to other students who want to follow a similar path.

I love this idea because one of the hardest things I have seen over the years for students is how they transition from the class room to landing that first job. I am going to include highlights from the four most recent interviews Vanderbilt has posted as well as links to the full articles.

How I Got the Job: Business Analyst, McKinsey & Company

This is a great write up from a recent graduate discussing how an international student ultimately went from school in New York, to an investment banking analyst, to finishing his masters in finance from Vanderbilt University and ultimately securing a full time offer from one of the top consulting firms in the world.

Some advice that he provides include:

“Life isn’t fair, and people are naturally going to be in different positions: some are disadvantaged, while some would always be a step ahead. Accept that sometimes you have to be the underdog. Accept that sometimes you’re not going to be the best,” he said. “But never, ever accept that you cannot make it. Your life and journey is what you make of it. It’s never going to be the straight road like you’ve imagined, but if you keep moving forward, you will get there.”


How I Got the Job: Strategic Financial Analyst, Riverside Insights

I really liked this installment as it goes into the process one student undertook to built their network and personal branding skills in order to achieve their dream job. The business school offers an intensive online class for MSF students to refine their networking and interview skills, resume, and personal brand. This is incredible and something I have not found elsewhere.

A few words of wisdom:

“I would say that it is completely normal to not know what you want to do, but the best advice I can give is to put yourself out there and talk to as many people as you can, because one day they were in the same position as you — trying to decide what they wanted to do,”.


How I Got the Job: Investment Bank Analyst, Citibank

This story should be helpful for all the students who are looking at a MSF to change careers or alter their career trajectory. This individual worked in consulting for one of the Big 4 when he graduated and wanted to get into investment banking. A MSF at Vanderbilt, combined with networking and execution allowed this goal to be achieved.

Some advice:

“You need to understand that there are a multitude of prepared and smart candidates out there, and you have to work hard and push the envelope when it comes to networking and looking for opportunities,”

I absolutely loved reading all of these success stories and watching the various videos and other aspects of their stories. Each highlight something different that I hear routinely from anyone considering one of these programs. What helps Vanderbilt really stand out is the preparation they put into their students and these outcomes highlight what some work on the front end can really do.


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance Program


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