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I was recently sent a great podcast done by the Vanderbilt University MSF program talking about women in finance and their efforts to encourage more women to look at this field of study and work. The podcast is hosted by Cherrie Wilkerson, Director of Vanderbilt Business’ MS Finance Program, and Kelly Smith (MSF’13) an Associate at Global Endowment Management. It is about half hour in length and was definitely time well spent.

I know when I did my MSF, a very small percentage of the class was comprised of female students. Happily, this is no longer the norm, with most programs showing between 30-50% female students. The industry is still mainly men, but this is changing as time goes on. This effort is speed up with schools like Vanderbilt making a concision effort to educate and recruit more women into a program that continually places students at some of the best firms in the industry.

Enjoy the full podcast linked below:

Women in Finance – A Vanderbilt MS Finance Podcast



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