Vanderbilt University MSF Program Update – September 2015

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I wanted to give everyone an update on the Vanderbilt University MSF program. I’ve received notice that they have achieved 100% placements within 90 days of graduating. This is no small feat to say the least. I’ve been lucky enough to know and/or have met many in the class that just graduated and their placements have been phenomenal. The 2015 Employment Report will be coming out soon and I will feature it on my site as soon as it is available. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

I’d also like to report the update class profile for the 2016 MSF class. I feel as if this years class stats are more inclusive than in prior years (which is good). The program is well balanced with what I think is a good domestic/international blend. Check them out for yourself.

MSF Class of 2016

  • Class Size – 50
  • Women – 14%
  • Undergrad GPA Average – 3.58/4.00
  • Average GMAT – 686
  • International Students – 26%

 GRE is also accepted.

I’ve posted some recent student reviews so I think things are well covered on that front. My next big post will really be when the employment report is released. Hopefully I will have this for all of you within the next month or so. Please keep in mind that October 22 is the deadline for early admission. Anyone interested should get working on those applications now. Best of luck!


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance Program


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