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I wanted to post a Vanderbilt University MSF Program Update for everyone to check out as I just received some great information from their admissions and career services department. Vanderbilt continues to have phenomenal success in their program and I hear nothing but good news coming from current students. After reading the email I received I totally know why.


Last year was another record-breaking year for the program.  With key performance metrics at all-time highs, the return on investment for the Vanderbilt MSF has never been greater:

  •  Record Year for Employment. 98% of the MSF Class of 2014 was employed full-time by 90 days after graduation. Well worth noting is that all of our job offer and acceptance statistics conform to the MBACSEA Employment Standards, a rigorous criteria that ensures reliability and accuracy in our data. For example, we report only full-time employment, not internships, and we account for 100% of our students when compiling our data.


  • Success of Foreign Nationals. After a 100% placement rate in 2013, employment of our foreign nationals continued to be a major strength of the program, with 88% securing a full-time job by 90 days after graduation. Our goal has always been to be the program of choice for foreign nationals with the greatest career potential, and we’re continuing to establish ourselves as such.
  • Financial Services Pipelines Strengthen. Robust recruiting channels to premier financial services firms continued to pay dividends. A remarkable 72% of jobs were obtained through school-facilitated activities. 57% of MSFs entered financial services, and a record 31% of the class transitioned into investment banking.
  • Never Happier. From our popular MSF Wall Street Trek to individualized coaching services unparalleled in the industry, no program offers broader and deeper support to job seekers. Our creative and vigorous approach to career development yields results year and year, leading to student satisfaction with MSF career management services surging again to yet a new record high in 2014.

Much of our success can be attributed to the strong Vanderbilt University alumni base. Being one of the oldest MSF programs in the country, we boast a large, well-established, and active MSF alumni base.  Alumni of our top-25 MBA program are also a priceless resource when our job seekers are expanding their professional networks. As you know, a loyal and accessible alumni network is absolutely essential in a job market as competitive as today’s, and that is exactly what the Vanderbilt MSF offers.

In a time when many one year masters programs struggle greatly to help their students secure jobs in such a short period of time, the Vanderbilt University MSF employment track record stands as an industry leader. By working harder, smarter, and earlier than our competitors, we prepare students to succeed long before they even set foot on campus in August. And, it works. From San Francisco to New York and from Chicago to Houston, the Class of 2014 is making an impact across the country in functions ranging from equity research to financial leadership development programs.


I plan on visiting the campus within the next couple months and will do a multi post on my experience including Nashville. Stay tuned and I hope this was of help!


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University Masters in Finance Program


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