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The Vanderbilt University MSF program is one of my favorite programs and after visiting the school my impression of the staff, location and quality of education is the highest it could be. Absolutely loved my time there and the students were great and all around fun to be around. Every year I try and get an up-to-date review of the program as I feel it is important and helpful for anyone trying to make their MSF decision. This year I’ve been luck enough to get a review with another on the way. Hope this helps and keep checking back for more!

1) Why an MSF in general? Why the Vanderbilt University MSF specifically?

I decided to pursue an MSF primarily because of my desire to break into Investment Banking. Upon graduating from a non-target State School, I took a job in a leadership development program at a F500 firm. I saw the MSF as an opportunity to leverage the network and brand of a target school in order to break into the field.

Vanderbilt fit my criteria as a school that had an excellent and very helpful network, a much respected brand, a great MSF program which would sharpen my finance ‘toolkit’, and most importantly very personalized career services.

2) Who would you recommend an MSF to?

I would recommend it to anyone trying to break into any sort of coveted finance job (investment banking/equity research/wealth management/management consulting/asset management) that does not have relevant work experience/internships, or that is changing careers early on (max of two years into a career).


3) Pros/Cons (if any)?

Pros: An extra shot at recruiting; an opportunity to change your career; an opportunity to really become knowledgeable in anything finance related; an opportunity to rebrand yourself and enhance ‘your story’.

Cons: Cost in terms of tuition and forgone income; these programs are very difficult and should not be an option if you aren’t willing to put in the work.

4) Anything else you’d like to talk about. You can discuss Nashville, recruiting, alumni help, etc. Whatever you think would be helpful to students trying to decide whether or not to attend.

Vanderbilt is an amazing school with a great network. As an MSF at Vanderbilt you will be uniquely positioned to leverage both undergraduate alumni AND OWEN alumni. In addition, you will have access to extremely** personalized career services/coaching. If you are looking to attend you need to think critically of what it is you hope to accomplish through being in the program.

In choosing a program, focus on the career services, the alumni network, obviously the location of the college (Nashville is an awesome city and had cheap, direct flights to LGA in NYC) and the culture and fit of the program.


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