Vanderbilt University MSF Student Review #7

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I have another recent student review of the Vanderbilt University MSF program that I wanted to share with all of you. What is nice about having a number of reviews from recent classes is that they are a) very relevant since they are current and b) it gives you different perspectives of the same class cohort. Everyone is different and comparing the reviews give you a better idea of the program. Enjoy and I will work to keep these coming.

Why an MSF in general? Why Vanderbilt in particular?

  • An MSF is a highly focused program that fits people that know they want to work within the industry. For me, it made sense due to my liberal arts undergraduate background at Colgate University. It made sense to leverage my undergrad degree with a more technical Master’s in Finance to have the greatest success job searching. It also makes sense for people looking to change careers and break into the finance industry.
  • Vanderbilt’s MSF program is consistently ranked within the top 5 finance programs and is in a great city. Additionally, Vanderbilt’s program has a history of placing their graduates into reputable investment banking positions. The ranking, location and focus on investment banking is what made me decide on Vanderbilt.

Pros and Cons (if any)

  • Pros: The program’s curriculum is highly customizable to whatever industry you might be targeting (Asset Management, PE/VC, Banking, Real Estate, Research, etc.). Very strong alumni base that consistently hires MSF graduates and helps guide them in their career path. Nashville is a great city – food, outdoor activities, live music, etc.
  • Cons: Really no cons. For me, it was sad not being able to be in-person more frequently. However, Vanderbilt has done a great job to allow for some in-person instruction/lectures and has built out a great testing program.

Who would you recommend the program to?

  • Anyone looking to transition into/get into the finance industry. This program will give you the necessary skillset as well as the connections to get the job you have always wanted. I have loved my time here and will be envious of future students into the future.

Advice or tips for prospective students?

  • Try to get a head start on recruiting/job hunting early in the program. Accepting your job early will allow you to enjoy the many things Nashville has to offer. Try to make as many friends and connections as possible – these are all smart driven people that will be invaluable in the future. Make the most of your time as a student now. Once you start your career you will find far less free time for the things you used to take for granted. Make sure you look back knowing you accomplished all that you wanted to academically and socially.

I personally really enjoyed this review and I hope that all of you reading it found it to be helpful. Keep checking back because I will have more very soon.


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University MSF Program


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