Vanderbilt University MSF Update – November 2023

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It has been a little bit since I posted about the Vanderbilt University MSF program and with the upcoming application season upon us, I thought now would be a great time to put something together. This has been one of the top programs in the US for as long as I can remember and the university has continued to improve and grow. I should also have new career information, something that I always am exited for.

2024 Class Profile

Below is the current class profile. Overall, this looks like a great class. Size went up a little, adding roughly 20 students when compared to last year. GMAT has come down slightly, but still remains strong. Average GPA ticketed up a little bit.

  • Class Size – 94 students
  • Male / Female – 73% / 27%
  • Average GMAT – 644
  • Average Undergraduate GPA – 3.74
  • International – 33%


The application window is currently open and we have already passed the first two deadlines. If you are interested in applying, especially for scholarships, I would encourage you to target the 3rd round if possible.

*Limited to U.S. citizens, permanent residents or international students with a 4-year U.S. undergraduate degree.

Vanderbilt Owens New Dean

The Owen School of Business will have be inaugurating its 8th dean in the schools history. This is an exciting time and I am sure will bring some new changes to the business school.

“Thomas J. “Tom” Steenburgh’s priorities as the new leader of the Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management include advancing the school’s reputation, developing deeper connections with the Nashville business community and elevating the student experience to ensure that each person leaves better prepared for long-term success.”

One aspect of Owen that is especially important to Steenburgh is its strong commitment to a diverse and inclusive community.

“Given the way that business works today, you need to work with a wide variety of people and understand their diverse perspectives,” he said. “The beauty of a school like Owen is that we bring people in from around the world. We have so many cultures represented as well as diversity in intellectual ideas.”  

You can read more about the new dean here. You can also check out his Q&A session where he provides a lot of insights into his personal life as well as thoughts for the direction the university should be going in.

More to come shortly. Next post will be the most recently placements. Stay tuned for more.


Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University MSF Program


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