Vanderbilt University MSF Update – THE/WSJ MSF Ranking

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The Vanderbilt University MSF program has just been ranked by the Times Higher Education and Wall Street Journal as the number one Masters in Finance program in the world. This is a great honor and definitely attests to the quality and reputation the program has created over the years. The program got very high marks for resources, engagement, and outcomes. So much so that the overall points for the Vanderbilt program was 10 points higher than the second place program.

The Times Higher Education site is a data compiler and provider for higher education programs around the world. They’ve been doing this for over 50 years now and work with top programs globally. This ranking is in conjunction with the Wall Street Journal, who helped with the data collection as well. The primary goal with this ranking was to measure student experience and teacher excellence. From the THE website “

The universities were measured across 20 individual performance indicators combining to create an overall score that reflects the strength of each programme and school. These scores are then aggregated into four key areas, which we call pillars.

One of the key parts of the data collection was the alumni survey, which was taken by more than 23,000 students from three different cohorts: those who finished their studies in 2012, those who finished in 2013 and those who finished in 2015. Responses to 10 questions were used in the final metrics”. A link to the full methodology can be found here.

I think it is great that the Vanderbilt University MSF program is being recognized and I think every ranking that comes out helps students a little bit more. This ranking focusing on teaching quality and students is also a nice change from the standard rankings I have seen. More to follow in the next coming weeks.

Here is a link to the Vanderbilt University MSF Program


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