Villanova Master in Finance 2011 placements


Ok guys, this is not complete yet, but I wanted to get some preliminary data out there for everyone for the 2011 master in finance program. As additional placements occur I will update this. So far they look pretty good and represent the financial placements that Villanova has yearly with their master in finance program.


Barclay’s (IBD) – 1 student (associate)

Harris Williams (IBD) – 1 student (analyst)

Leopard Capital (PE) – 1 student (associate)

ICAP – 1 student (analyst)

Duff & Phelps – 1 student

KPMG – 2 students (EVS & TAS)

Florida State PhD in Finance – 1 student

Cambridge Associates – 1 student

Urdang (Real Estate) – 1 student

Lazard (ER) – 1 student

Cameron Capital Management – Associate

Brandywine M&A – Analyst

Catalyst Health Partners – Corporate Development


**Updated on November 16th**

That is all I know right now. Information keeps trickling in so when I hear about more placements I will update this and keep everyone informed.


Here is a link to the Villanova Master in Finance Program



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