Villanova University Master in Finance Program

The Villanova University master in finance program is one year in length and lock step, which means all students take the same classes at the same time. All of the classes are designed specifically for the master in finance program and no MBA’s are allowed in these classes.

The benefit of this is that everyone in the class has a base line level of understanding which allows the professor to get more in depth than in an MBA class which must accommodate a variety of backgrounds. The amount of material you can learn in these dedicated MSF classes is far more than elsewhere.P

Villanova is located 15 minutes away from Philadelphia which is home to a strong finance community. This provides networking, employment and interning while in the program. Philadelphia is centrally located, being 1.5 hours from NYC and 1.5 hours from DC. The alumni community is located primarily in NYC, but there is a huge Philly following as well.

Placement information can be found here.

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