Villanova University Masters in Finance Student Review #6

I am happy to announce that I just received a new Villanova University MSF student review. I try and get updated reviews from each program every year so it was great news that I managed to start this process so early. The Villanova Master in Finance program is pretty popular so the more information out there the better.


1) Why a MSF in general? Why the Villanova University Masters in Finance in particular?

I came from an extremely non-target state school and wanted to have recruiting opportunities for Investment Banking. I specifically chose Villanova for its brand name, the MSF’s historical success as a program, and location in the northeast. Villanova has a great reputation and its name carry’s a great deal of weight within the finance world. Additionally, the program has been around for a relatively long time compared with other MSF programs and consistently places well.

2) Who would you recommend pursue an MSF degree?


I recommend an MSF to anyone who feel that they have the talent, yet don’t have the opportunity based on circumstances to attain some of the best jobs in Finance. I would recommend students with minimal work experience, as it is a good chance to re brand yourself at an early stage in your career, while later on people will get it confused with an MBA or ask why you did get an MBA instead.
3) Pros and Cons?
Pros: Reputation, Campus Recruiting, Alumni , Location, Professors, Class Size
Cons: Professional Development Course
4) Anything else you’d like to talk about?
The Villanova MSF will give you the opportunity to be very successful, you will be equipped with excellent professors, a great brand name, and extremely helpful alumni. I found the alumni to be extremely helpful on my job search, the school is relatively small and there is a real sense of pride and family among the alumni base. The program will give you the ability to attain some of the best positions in the finance world with great access to NYC. The professors, graduate staff, and alumni are all heavily invested in the students success which is why I believe the program is so successful.


Thanks so much for this great review. I hope it helps any of you out there researching programs. I’ll try and get updated placement information as soon as I can.


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