Villanova University Masters in Finance Update – November 2022

The Villanova University Masters in Finance program is in the middle of recruiting for their upcoming class and I thought it would make sense to post an update. I’ll include some graphics from the placements report as well. Enjoy.

Application Deadlines

The first round application deadline has just passed. That isn’t an issue as there are 3 more coming up. Plenty of time for anyone consider this MSF program. Below are the upcoming deadlines.

Round 2:  1/15
Round 3:  3/15
Round 4:  6/15

There is also a couple of upcoming virtual information sessions. These are a great way to get noticed by admissions and ask any questions you might have.

Class Profile

I posted about this in my previous update here, but below are the screenshots from the report that I just read. Includes a little more color for anyone focused on where this program places students.


Villanova University Masters in Finance Placement Information

Good profile all around. Very competitive scores and a big enough class size that anyone considering the program with decent stats should apply. Glad to see students with experience still applying to the program. I had 3 years of work experience myself and I think it brought a different perspective to the class room.

Villanova Masters in Finance Placement Information

Salary information is also very good. I know from experience that Villanova does a good job placing students into BMO and Jefferies. Great to see a lot of other strong financial firms included on the list. What I really like seeing is the 94% placement statistics.

This is the update for now. Plenty of time to apply for this program. This MSF must be going on roughly 15-20 years now and there are tons of alumni in finance. Glad to see it still producing consistent results.


Here is a link to the Villanova University Masters in Finance Program


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