Villanova University MSF 2015

Villanova University MSF

The Villanova University MSF program is recruiting for their 2015 master in finance class and I wanted to post an update regarding application round deadlines and other recent updates. 

Application Deadline

Round 1:  Passed
Round 2:  1/15
Round 3:  3/15

If you are interested in the program I would suggest getting your application in as soon as possible. Villanova also offers Fellowship and grants to competitive applicants. You can apply for both when you are applying for admission.

CFA University Recognition Program

The Villanova Master in Finance program has recently received CFA recognition. Why is this important? Well first, not many schools have this. Second, countless MSF students pursue the CFA during and after graduation. Villanova has numerous CFA/MSF alumni and the number only continues to grow.

This recognition also indicates the level of CFA material taught in the Villanova MSF program. If you are sitting for the exams it will be a great way to prep for all three levels. For those not interested in the CFA, the MSF will give you a broad exposure to the material you would see, without going as in depth.


Class of 2011 Class of 2012
2011 Harris Williams 2012 Boenning & Scattergood
2011 Lazard – Associate ER 2012 Cushman & Wakefield
2011 KPMG (EVS Associate) 2012 Spouting Rock Consulting
2011 Florida State University PhD 2012 Bank of America (Business Analyst)
2011 1847 Financial 2012 Duff & Phelps
2011 Leopard Capital 2012 Office Depot
2011 SNL Financial 2012 Fesnak and Associates, LLP
2011 RVI Group 2012 Brookfield Asset Management
2011 Cambridge Associates 2012 Wells Fargo
2011 Blackstone (Intern) 2012 US Dept of Health and Human Services
2011 Progress Software 2012 Bank of America (Delaware)
2011 Catalyst Health Partners 2012 Comcast (Core Associate)
2011 Brandywine M&A 2012 TD Bank
2011 ESOP Financial -> Samaritan’s Purse 2012 Johnson & Johnson (FLDP)
2011 Cameron Capital Management 2012 KGS Alpha Capital Markets
2011 ICAP 2012 Chatham Financial
2011 Avantages Services Financiers Inc. 2012 CBRE Clarion Securities
2011 Real Estate Capital Partners 2012 ESOP Economics
2011 GSI Commerce >>> QlikView 2012 UBS Investment Bank (?)
2011 Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ 2012 Bank of America (NYC)
2011 Duff & Phelps
2011 KPMG
2011 Siemens
2011 BNY Mellon (Urdang)
2011 Barclays (Associate)
Class of 2013
2013 KPMG
2013 Murray Devine
2013 Cohen & Co
2013 Bloomberg
2013 Delancey Street Partners
2013 PWM – BAML
2013 Guggenheim Partners
2013 Amazon
2013 Merion Capital Group – Intern
2013 The American College
2013 Miller Buckfire (Analyst)
2013 Intellectual Ventures
2013 JPMorgan (Delaware)
2013 BNP Paribas
2013 JPMorgan (Delaware)
2013 JMP (IB in SF)
2013 Sidoti & Company, LLC
2013 Iceland Chamber of Commerce
2013 FTI Consulting
2013 Euro Pacific Canada


Please note that these are not all of the placements and I still need to do some work updating these. Villanova has the most recent class placements on their website, but I routinely get requests for historic placements so I wanted to post these up for everyone to see. I will try and complete the list and include prior years as well, but I think this should be decent right now.


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