Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep

About a week ago I was contacted by someone at Wall Street Prep asking whether this might be something people who read might site would be interested. I gave it some thought and think it really is. Many people looking to go into an MSF are doing so for the sake of getting into banking. So I checked out the site and decided to put up ad for it on the bottom right hand side.

When I was working at HSBC way  back when and trying to figure out my next move I paid for some modeling classes to help get my excel up to speed. Most of us have used excel in a variety of ways, but outside of maybe a valuation class, many people haven’t used it how it is commonly used in banking. After a month of the trainings and working on my own I felt like my excel skills were greatly improved. Good thing because the first class I had at Villanova was valuation where we had to build a DCF to value a couple companies as part of the class. It came in handy throughout the program and during my internship (which eventually led to a FT offer).

Because of this positive experience I decided to give them some love. I also managed to get a discount for anyone who reads this site and decided to use their services. Feel free to choose another company if you want (I’ve used M&I and played with some others), but I think this is a pretty well known and established player in the space. I hope it helps and provides some value for anyone who has used it. I’ll try and get a product review from someone to help you guys make your decision (much like I track down student reviews).

Here are the discount codes for anyone who is interested:

MSFHQ15     15% off the Self Study Classes

MSFHQ35     35% off the Seminars

Click here for a link to Wall Street Prep


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