Financial Times 2013 Masters in Finance Ranking

The 2013 Financial Times Masters in Finance ranking has just been released! As it stands right now the FT is the only news agency currently ranking MSF programs. They divide their ranking by pre and post experience which is particularly relevant overseas. Here are the noteworthy US schools that were ranked:


23. Brandeis


26. Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

28. Boston College

29. Tulane


3. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

4. Florida International University

It is good to see some US schools included on the list. I will caveat things by saying that this ranking is much more relevant for those interested in European  programs. The ranking criteria that the Financial Times has still excludes most US MSF programs. In the next couple years you should see some of the more established programs make the list, but right now they do not qualify. Just something to note.

 Financial Times 2013 Masters in Finance Pre-Experience Ranking

Financial Times 2013 Masters in Finance Post-Experience Ranking