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Duke University MMS Kunshan University Program

The Duke University MMS Kunshan program continues to expand, now offering a one-year (10 months) mastersĀ  in management studies degree, taught both on the main Durham, NC campus as well as at the Duke Kunshan University in China. A truly great opportunity for a global educational experience.

Duke University MMS Program Placement Stats 2013

The Duke University MMS program just recently released their 2013 placement stats for the graduating class and they continue to impress. Duke has a well established masters in management program that has been placing students into a wide range of career paths for many years now. This

Duke University Master in Management Placement Stats 2012

The Duke University Master in Management program is one of the more popular specialized masters programs, primarily because of the quality of their placements. Spanning a wide variety of industries and top name firms, the Duke program is a great way for students to get a graduate

Duke Master in Management Studies Information

The Duke University Master in Management Studies is ideally suited for someone without a business undergrad, but also allows business undergrads to enhance their knowledge and experience while studying for another year. The program has been improving every year with better and better placements. A friend of

Duke MMS Blog

  The Duke University Masters in Management Studies program is increasing in popularity and the placements show the quality and reputation of the program and Duke University. I recently came across a blog that talks about the program and student experiences. It has various students on the

Duke Master in Management Studies Program

The Duke Masters in Management Studies program is a unique degree from Duke University. It is a one year, specialized degree in business management that prepares students with a well rounded management education. The program is relatively new, but has some very impressive placement stats. Here are

Duke Masters in Management Studies Placement Info

The Duke University Masters in Management Studies is an extremely popular specialized masters program. They have just released their 2010 placement stats, which I have link to at the bottom of this post. Duke has a large class size and the range of careers and employers hiring

Duke MMS Student Perspective

  I found a cool blog by a current Duke MMS student. I think it is a good read and anyone interested in the program should check it out. The site hasn’t been updated for a while (Luke graduated), but still offers a first person account of