Duke University MMS Program Placement Stats 2013

Duke Masters in Management

The Duke University MMS program just recently released their 2013 placement stats for the graduating class and they continue to impress. Duke has a well established masters in management program that has been placing students into a wide range of career paths for many years now. This program appeals to a variety of students because of the broader field of study and amazing reputation of Duke University.

A few highlights from this years report:

Salary Range – $15,000 – $95,000

Timing of 1st job offer – November – 87% (of those seeking employment)

Career Paths:

  • Finance – 31%
  • Consulting – 29%
  • Marketing – 19%
  • Other – 16%
  • General Management – 5%

There are a lot of big name employers on the list, including a bunch of banks and consulting firms. I also find it nice the level of detail that Duke provides. Placements are always one of the most important aspects of the decision making process and being able to have a clear and concise report year after year really helps when making up ones mind.

I posted last year about the 2012 Duke MMS placements for anyone interested in checking out how the program has done historically. Last year was similar to this year, a wide variety of big name employers and a range of career paths undertaken by graduating students.

I have also posted a student perspective as well as other posts on the Duke program. This is always a work in progress as I am constantly trying to get additional content for everyone to help in the decision making process. You can find them all here.


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