UVA Masters in Commerce

The University of Virginia Master in Commerce has some of the best placements of all the specialized master degrees. They are in the process of updating their destination report, but in the mean time I was given some initial information. Looks really good so far in my opinion.

The UVA program continues to place their students, boasting a 100% placement rate for the class of 2012. Salary ranges, especially for the financial services track, look strong. I will keep everyone updated once the full destination report is placed. For those who want to check themselves, here is the link to the career services page.


M.S. in Commerce Class of 2012: 

  • 100% Placement

 Financial Services Track

  • Avg. Base Salary:              $62,500
  • Salary Range:                      $42,500-$76,000
  • Avg. Annual Bonus:         $20,000
  • Avg. Signing Bonus:         $6,300


Marketing & Management Track

  • Avg. Base Salary:              $57,000
  • Salary Range:                      $36,000-$71,000
  • Avg. Annual Bonus:         $5,800
  • Avg. Signing Bonus:         $8,500

Data as of December 2012