Arizona State University MSF Program Update – August 2020

Been a while since I posted about the Arizona State University MSF program, There have been a few updates that I thought everyone would be interested in. God knows there is so much uncertainty and change nowadays. I will try and be more active with the updates to everyone who checks back frequently. Until then, enjoy the update on the ASU program.

Class Profile

Arizona State is always pretty detailed with their class profiles, something I appreciate. I have the 2018 one posted and I think it is helpful to compare year over year whenever you are considering applying to a program. Significant changes can indicate shifts in the program.  Check out this years stats and if you are curious about the prior year, you can read about it here.

Entering Class Statistics

  • Applications Received – 273
  • Applications Admitted – 65%
  • Class Size – 64

Individual Applicant Statistics (Avg.)

  • GMAT – 593
  • GRE – 311
  • GPA – 3.45

Couple interesting takeaways. The class size has decreased by about 20 students from last year. This is interesting as the reported applications were about the same and the admission percentage was only slightly higher. The GMAT average has dropped by about 20 points, but the GRE was around the same. Last year I reported that international students we approximately 50% of the class. This was down from around 70% the prior year (class of 2017). Things seem to have corrected as the percentage of internationals is now 72%.

Application Deadlines

This is pretty early in the application cycle, which is nice for anyone staying a head of the curve. You have around 2 months to get your application ready for round 1. This should be plenty of time to get everything in order.

  • Round 1 – Early Decision: Oct. 5, 2020
  • Round 2 – Early Decision: Dec. 2, 2020


As I mentioned in earlier posts, the ASU program is now STEM certified. This is obviously of great importance for international students. Right now it looks as classes will be a mixture of in person and remote. Arizona is being severely impacted by COVID-19 right now so I am sure things will remain fluid for a while. I did not see anything on the website regarding GMAT waivers or other application changes because of COVID, but I would encourage all of you to reach out to the school directly. From what I have found, most schools are being incredibly understanding and flexible right now.

I will keep checking for additional information and updates on the program. Stay tuned for more.


Here is a link to the Arizona State University MSF Program


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