Arizona State University MSF Program Update – March 2019

The Arizona State University MSF continues to update and improve their program and I felt it was long overdue for an post reflecting these changes. The program has been around for a long time and is one that I have received a lot of interest from students over the years. Their continued focus on improvement really shows how responsive admissions and the program director can be.

STEM Certified

The ASU MSF program is now STEM Certified. This is becoming the gold standard for any program that wants to be competitive with international candidates. The increased time allowed once students graduate on the OPT Visa makes this an absolute must for anyone coming to the US to study. I am glad they made the effort to get this certification as it shows they are paying attention to the market. This is great news for any international student considering the program.


2018 Class Profile

The Arizona State MSF program continually does a good job of providing a very comprehensive picture of their entering class. I  find that the extra data is helpful as it  gives you a good idea of who is apply and who they are accepting into the program.

Entering Class Statistics

  • Applications Received – 274
  • Applications Admitted – 66%
  • Class Size – 83

Individual Applicant Statistics (Avg.)

  • GMAT – 613
  • GRE – 308
  • GPA – 3.46

The program was roughly evenly split between male and female students last year. This year shows an about 70/30 percentage split M/F. I don’t think this means anything other than the shifts year to year in applicants.

What IS interesting is that international students make up 49% of the class. This is down from 67% last year. I would imagine this has something to do with not being STEM (they are now) and the fact that applications have declined overall, but especially from China.


Application Deadlines

For those interested in applying for admittance in this upcoming class, time is running out. Below are the upcoming application deadlines for those who are thinking about sending in an application:

  • March 15th – International Student Deadline
  • April 2nd – Round 4 (deadline for receiving scholarships)
  • June 4th – Round 5
  • July 19th – Round 6 (final round – all materials due by 11:59PM MST)


Lot of good things going on at Arizona State. I hope this update helps any of you considering the program. Check back for more updates at a hopefully quicker pace.


Here is a link to the Arizona State University MSF Program


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