Arizona State University MSF Program Update – October 2018


It has been a while since I last provided an updated on the Arizona State University MSF program. There have been a few updated and I know the program remains popular with prospective students so I figured an update was long overdue. I will make an effort to post updated on this program more frequently going forward.


Class Profile

The Arizona State MSF program always does a good job of providing a very comprehensive picture of their entering class. I personally find the extra data to be helpful as it really gives you a good idea of who is apply and who they are accepting into the program. Over the years it looks as this profile has steadily improved, most likely owing to the increasing standards and scores students are achieving.

Entering Class Statistics

  • Applications Received – 270
  • Applications Admitted – 59%
  • Class Size – 70

Individual Applicant Statistics (Avg.)

  • GMAT – 631
  • GRE – 312
  • GPA – 3.54

The program is almost evenly split between men and woman, not an easy achievement considering the gender differences anyone who studied finance has seen as you progress in your studies. The international students (67% of the class) also come from a variety of countries. This is nice as some programs that have a high percentage of international students draw them from mainly China or India. The breakdown is as follows:

Median Base$65,000$72,500
Median Signing Bonus$2,000


Application Deadlines

Every year these deadlines seem to come up faster and faster. This year is no different. The first round just past (October 1st), but there is plenty of time for the second round of applications which is due December 14th. The Arizona State Masters in Finance program has I believe four application deadlines so you are still very early in the game. Two important deadlines I want everyone to be aware of are below.

  • Scholarship application deadline
    April 2, 2019
  • International application deadline
    Feb. 5, 2019



There are a number of in person events that the Arizona State University staff will be attending in the next upcoming months. These can be difficult to attend depending on where you live in the country so I won’t list them below (you can find all the upcoming events here). I will mention an upcoming webinar discussing how to be a strong applicant. The online event will be held next Monday, October 8th, at 830AM MST.


“A Master of Finance degree from the highly ranked W. P. Carey School of Business will transform your career and your life. Find out what you’ll need to apply and get started today. Discover helpful tips from our admissions staff to help you submit your most competitive application. Topics will include essay tips, choosing your recommender, importance of test scores, and review of the class profile.”

Register Online

As mention in the opening paragraph, I will make an effort to regularly update everyone on this program. This program continues to evolve and is one of the older MSF programs out there. Definitely take a look!


Here is a link to the Arizona State University Masters in Finance Program


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