Arizona State University MSF Program Update

It has been a while since I last updated everyone on the Arizona State University MSF program.They’ve really worked hard to carve a niche and emphasize their incorporation of the CFA into their curriculum. ASU is a CFA Partner Program, something that I have talked about as being the gold standard for years. So many students who pursue an MSF degree also take the various CFA levels during their masters and after while working.

2015 Class Profile

  • Age – 26
  • GMAT – 626
  • GRE – 317
  • GPA – 3.40
  • TOFEL – 92
  • Work Experience – 1.9 years

The program is pretty evenly split between men and woman, domestic and international. This is kind of unique since most graduate degrees in finance tend to be overweight male students.

MSF Ambassadors

The program makes an effort to pair interested applicants with current MSF students. I’ve seen this at a number of schools, myself being an ambassador for my MSF program, and I think it is very helpful for students to be able to speak with someone in the position they looking at.

I am going to work to get a student review of the program. I think these are usually the best things to really gauge what you’d expect to experience for anyone thinking of applying. I like to try and get one for every program and I think it would be great for ASU as well. This is on the to do list so keep checking back!

Here is a link to the Arizona State University MSF Program


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