Auburn University Masters in Finance Program

Auburn University Masters in Finance

The Auburn University Masters in Finance program is the second MSF program in Alabama. This additional choice should make anyone in who works of lives in the great state of Alabama happy. My experience down south has shown me how tight knit the souther university school network is. If you are working in Atlanta or anywhere along the Gulf Coast, definitely check this program out.

Academically, the program stands out for having a thesis option, something that is found in commonly among Europe MSF programs, but still not that common for US programs. This feature should make this program interesting for anyone who wants to be in research or use the Masters in Finance as a jumping off point for a PhD.

They’ve updated the website and it looks really nice,. Information on the program is pretty thin so I would advise anyone interested in the degree to send the admissions office an email. Keep checking back for future updates as I build out content for this great southern MSF option.


Here is a link to the Auburn University Masters in Finance program



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