Auburn University Masters in Finance Update – October 2018

Auburn University Masters in Finance

The Auburn University Masters in Finance program has been around for a while and it has been too long since I first posted about the degree. The university is well known throughout the south (as well as anywhere that appreciated college football) and I have been getting more inquiries about southern programs. So to anyone considering a masters in finance down south, I hope this helps.



The program originally offered a thesis option, which was unique for domestic masters in finance program. It looks as if the thesis has been replaced with a comprehensive exam that students must take upon completion of the program. The degree requires 30 credit hours of study and students are allowed to transfer up to 6 credit hours towards the completion of the degree.

Local students can study on Auburn University’s main campus and those not local can choose an online option of study. Online students study the same classes and materials as students who are attending class on campus. This flexibility is great for anyone not living within close proximity of Auburn, AL.

Please note that the online MSF option is only open to US, Canadian and US Military students. Applications are accepted in the fall and spring.



The program has a number of required classes that all students must take. Outside of these three core classes, students are allowed a number of financial as well as free electives. This gives students an opportunity to focus their studies in subject matter they are most interested in.



The schools application process is pretty standard. Transcripts, GMAT (preferred) or GRE, letters of recommendation and a resume. TOFEL for international students. Deadline is as follows (from the website): for fall enrollment, U.S. and international students should submit completed applications no later than 45 days for domestic students and 90 days for international students.

The program looks to cost roughly $50,000 for non-state residents and half that for in-state residents. Please keep in mind this was me simply multiplying what I found on the tuition page. I will inquire for a more concrete figure.


This is the update for now. The program has been around for a long time now so I am sure there is some placement data or some other pertinent information to update all of you with. I will see what I can find. Until then, keep checking back!


Here is a link to the Auburn University Masters in Finance Program



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