Bloomberg Assessment Test

Bloomberg is best know for their finance news and iconic terminals. They are now rolling out an assessment test for students to take, with the scoring being posted online for employers to look at. The idea is that this will give perspective hiring managers a tool to select qualified candidates.

Bloomberg Assessment Test

Basically the thought process is like this. Banks want the smartest people. They have limited resources. Because of this they go to schools that they know will consistently yield them solid recruits.

AKA Target Schools.

Well you take this test from Bloomberg and if you want you can have your scores put online for anyone with a BB terminal to see. Theoretically this should help you prove your intelligence and aid in getting a job.

Do I think this will work? Maybe. I still think GPA and networking are key, but it won’t hurt you to take the test and do well on it. Leave no stone unturned.

Villanova MSF students are taking the test this Saturday and I have the option to take it. I want to make sure every current student has a chance to sign up, but if there is an empty slot I will take the test and report back to you.




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