Hello Everyone!

I realized I haven’t spoken to all of you outside of just writing about programs in what seems like ages. As you hopefully have noticed, the site has been updated and should be running smoother and quicker. School updates will be coming more frequently as well. With everything going on in the world, I know staying current is of utmost importance. Below are some cool things I hope all of you will like.

  1. Ranking – I know, I know. Been saying this for a while now. I promise, I will have a ranking out for you all before the end of March. I have the data, just need to fill in a few holes and get it out there. I’ve been asked for this for what seems like forever and I know people need this to help them make tough decisions. You have my word.
  2. YouTube – I’ve decided to kick off a YouTube channel where I will answer your questions, review programs, visit schools and have interviews. You can submit questions by emailing me ( I’ll be adding a button on the top of the page shortly. You can find my page here. Hit the subscribe button to stay up to date. I’ll be posting a video shortly.
  3. Feedback – I answer questions on a number of forums, but would like to get more engaged with you, the reader. I created this site with the main goal of helping all of you with your specialized masters decision and I want to hear from you. Email me above with suggestions, ideas, things that you would find helpful. It has been a decade since I graduated with my MSF and I realize things might have changed. Let me know!




    • No ranking as of yet. Working on it now. There are other rankings, but I think they include programs/schools they shouldn’t. Trying to make mine as relevant as possible. More to come!


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