Brandeis University Master in Finance Program

I spoke with a person involved with the Brandeis University Master in Finance program and was able to get some great information on the program. Located in Waltham, MA, the program is a good option for anyone interested in working in the Boston area. The school also focuses on international business so anyone looking for a globally focused education should check this masters in finance program out.

This is directly from the Brandeis website:

Who is the MSF for?

The one year full-time Master of Science in Finance program is designed to help financial professionals advance their careers thru comprehensive training in global financial markets, financial theory, analysis and strategy. Full-time students take four classes per semester and two during summer school, completing the program in one year.

Is the MSF right for you? Yes – if you have narrowed your business and career interests to finance, are reasonably quantitative and analytical, and find global markets exciting. The MSF hones technical skills and exposes students to practical issues and exercises in many financial applications. In addition to full-time faculty, your instructors include expert adjunct professors from companies such as Bank of America, State Street Bank and State Street Research.



  • 1 year ( 4 classes in spring and fall, 2 in summer)
  • 500 students in the whole school (MBA,PhD,MSF,etc)
  • Very international & global

Master in Finance Program

  • FT & PT program
  • 50/60 students at any given time
  • Placements are global, but many students stay in the USA
  • Very strong placements in the Boston area, loyal alumni base!
  • Active career services I realize this might not be new for a lot of people, but I think it sheds some light. Hopefully more to follow!

I will post more information on the program as it becomes available.

Here is a link to the Brandeis University Master in Finance Program


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