Brandeis University Masters in Finance Program Update

The Brandeis University Masters in Finance is a program that I have written about in the past a number of times, but I sadly have not updated my content on this MSF in far too long. A lot has changed so I am going to write a general overview post on the program, followed up by additional posts on other topics. I’ll also see if I can get some fresh student reviews as the last one I have (and the only one) is very out dated.


This is a Boston area Masters in Finance program, STEM-designated and both a CFA and GARP partner program. Students can choose three options for program duration: 16-month (3 semesters), part time and dual degree (MSF/MBA). Also, all admitted students are automatically considered for partial or full scholarships. Very impressive especially nowadays with the focus on college costs.

Students take 45 credit hours in a number of core and elective courses. Roughly half of the required credit hours are core classes and the rest are at the students discretion. You can choose from 5 concentrations – General Finance, Corporate Finance & Valuation, Asset Management, Risk Management and FinTech. This really allows you to customize the focus of your degree in the area of finance that you ultimately want a career in.


Standard admissions package for anyone interested in applying – resume, transcripts, essays and recommendations. English fluency testing for non-domestic students as well. GMAT and GRE are optional which is very nice. There is a $150 application fee, but Brandeis students and alumni are exempt.

The application deadline schedule is as follows:

  • Round 2 – January 15th
  • Round 3 – March 1st
  • Round 4 – April 15th

After the final deadline applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Tuition for the program is not cheap – $82,259 over 3 semesters (as of 12/2021). As I mention above, every student is considered for some form of scholarship aid and per the schools website,  and over 50% of incoming student receive one. This should bring the actual cost of the program for most admitted individuals down significantly. Do keep this in mind when making your decision.

Career Services

I am going to do a full post on this shortly, but the university provides MSF students with comprehensive career services. Here are some interesting statistics the career office shares:

  • 100% of students obtained an internship or field project. 25% completed both

  • 85% completed a U.S. based internship or field project

The program boasts a 93% placement statistic within 6 months of graduating which is very good and an average salary and bonus of over $86,000. Very respectable when compared to other MSF programs. Placements are primarily in the financial services sector and encompass all major banks and financial firms. Being so close to Boston definitely has advantages as well.

I was very impressed as I went through the programs website and reacquainted myself with the Brandeis MSF. Lots of great things going on here. If you are checking out MSF programs in general and especially if you want a northeastern school, make sure this is on your short list. Check back soon for a full post dedicated to placements. They won’t disappoint.


Here is a link to the Brandeis University Masters in Finance Program


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