Claremont McKenna Masters in Finance Program – Closed

Claremont McKenna Masters in Finance

Sadly, the Claremont McKenna Masters in Finance program is now closed to students who are not part of the Claremont system or partner schools. This is a huge blow to the MSF community as Claremont was one of the best programs overall and one of the few west coast programs for students interested in working in San Francisco or Los Angeles. I’ve seen something like this happen before with the University of Florida MSF program. For those who are still eligible to apply to the Claremont program, I have no doubt it will continue to excel. For all the rest, there are still a number of amazing program to apply to.

Here is the official message:

Earlier this semester, Claremont McKenna College (CMC) President Hiram Chodosh outlined the review and redesign of the Robert Day Scholars program.  The Scholars program, which started in 2007, was made possible by the generosity of CMA alum Robert Day ’65 and includes the Master’s program in Finance.  Most recently, the CMC faculty approved changes that strongly focus participation on students enrolled in the Claremont Colleges.  As a result, the Robert Day School will only be accepting applications to the Master’s program in Finance from students attending the Claremont Colleges or current program nominating partners (currently Chinese University Hong Kong, Davidson College, Hamilton College, Haverford College, and Yonsei University).

The staff and faculty of the Robert Day School regret any inconvenience that the timing of this decision presents.  We also wish to recognize the tremendous value that all past and current students have contributed to the success of the program as it has developed from its first graduating class in 2010.


If anything changes I will make sure to update this post.


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