Duke University Masters of Management Studies Update – July 2024

The Duke University Masters of Management program is one of the earliest and best business masters program on the market. Duke has always had a large class and produced outstanding graduates and there are a significant number of MiM alumni for current students to network with. The Duke brand is outstanding and this program continues to evolve and improve every year.

Class Profile

Below is the current class profile for the Duke MiM program. Class size is consistently large, but the program has management to keep class quality very high. Impressive for a program with this many students.

  • Class Size – 257
  • Average GPA – 3.55
  • GMAT Range (Middle 80%) – 620-757
  • GRE Verbal Range (Middle 80%) – 152-166
  • GRE Quant Range (Middle 80%) – 154 -170
  • Women – 46%
  • Countries of Citizenship – 27

This is a very diverse program with 130 undergraduate schools represented which is incredible. Undergraduate degrees represented are fairly evenly distributed between economics, liberal arts, engineering/natural sciences, and business & accounting.


The current application cycle is closed, but should be opening back up in the fall. Definitely use this summer to get yourself ready for round 1 if you have interest in the program.

Tuition – The cost of tuition is currently $65,300 (as of July 2024).

Career Information

Duke provides a lot of information on placements and has the last three years listed so you can compare and contrast how things have progressed (scroll down to “success statistics”). Here are some key takeaways from the :

  • Permanent Work Authorization
    • Average Base Salary – $75,410
      • Low – $24,000
      • High – $125,000
  • Non-Permanent Work Authorization
    • Average Base Salary – $69,962
      • Low – $20,803
      • High – $160

Over two third’s (76%) of students found their jobs through networking or outside of the Duke career channels. The rest (24%) reported finding positions through on campus recruiting or with help from the career office. The power of networking cannot be dismissed.

Geographically, students found employment in New York, California and North Carolina. This would make sense because of their abundance of financial job opportunities. With that said, a number of students found their careers in Texas (12), Illinois (7), and Florida (2). Internationally, students found jobs in 8 countries.

The list of hiring firms encompasses all the large banks, consulting firms, F500 companies and elsewhere. Here is the full report.


There are a number of online information sessions for the MMS program coming up. These are great to both learn about the program as well as express interest as an applicant. You can find all the various sessions here.

The website also has a bunch of student experiences posted. Very helpful to hear from current and recently graduated students about their time in the program and what they found most helpful.

I will make an effort to stay on top of this MMS program with more frequency. Lots of exciting things happening with this specialized program and the firms hiring Duke graduates are top notch. Stay tuned!


Here is a link to the Duke University Masters in Management Program


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